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By Dr Jack Gaffey
May 20, 2012
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Many patients in Adelaide have found Dental Implants to be a revolutionary way of replacing missing or broken teeth. We see patients ranging from Broken Hill and Roxby Downs to Unley and Westbourne Park for this brilliant way of fixing missing teeth. For many people it waspreviously necessary to have a large denture with wires or clips to replace their gaps but now dental implants can solve this problem here in Adelaide.

People search out dental implants for different reasons, some more embarrassing than others. One of our patients was eating a sandwich and found that the sandwhich and her teeth came out in one whole mess in front of her colleagues at work, that was enough for her to look for a more permanent solution. Another patient of ours found that everytime he laughed, his top teeth fell down. This meant that he was more cautious of how he looked in public and became less likely to join in jokes to prevent his teeth from slipping. If your teeth are affecting your life then read on.

A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed into the bone with a tooth that sits over the top of it. The key to fixing gaps with implants is to realise that you need to look at the whole of your mouth rather than just one gap. When you build a house, you dont just start with one room, a total plan is required so that the end result can be seen. Sometimes there are other problems such as gum disease that people may not realise before they start on their journey to fixing their teeth. If the surrounding teeth are loose or could be lost in the future, it would make less sense just to fix one tooth.

Many people inquire about the cost of an implant. This is always hard to give a good estimate of. There are many different types of implants from mini implants right up until dental implants that replace teeth on the top or bottom teeth. A single tooth implant in Adelaide tends to cost $4500-$6000 depending on the technical difficulty of the problem. The cost of a dental implant is a two stage process, there is the cost of the titanium screw and then there is the cost of the tooth that fits into that screw itself. This is something that we discuss with our patients before we commence treatment in order to prevent surprises at the end.

If you want to get rid of your dentures and returning your teeth to a state where you can eat freely without moving parts in your mouth then call us for a consultation today.

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