Does everyone want straight teeth?

We see people of all ages coming to our practice for straight teeth. More and more people are trying to look their best and straighten their teeth than before. We wondered whether more people were having clear braces, Invisalign, Smilefast etc than before and then we saw a recent report in the Dental Tribune. The global market for straightening teeth invisibly is expected to grow at 12% compound growth over the next 5 years or basically on a track to double in 6 years time. 

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report last year found the proportion of Australians who where uncomfortable with their dental appearance increased from 20 in 1994 to 27% in 2013 with over 33% in the lowest income households.

What does this tell you? That people are more conscious of their smile than ever before. A new smile can be the difference between getting that new job or staying where you are. Its brutally honest, but many people judge others on their initial appearance. Could getting white braces on your teeth or Invisalign be the difference for you? 


More people want to get their teeth straighter but don't know how to go about it. Who do I see? Do I need an orthodontist to straighten my teeth? We get a lot of our patients from word of mouth which tells you something. Sometimes its not until you really see a place inside that you know what its going to be like. Our patients are happy that they can get their new smile, quickly, easily and with braces that look more modern than 30 years ago. They like the friendly staff and payment plans that help them afford their new smile. Most of all in this day and age, who wants to be left with teeth that look like this

Our orthodontic payment plans can save you from these crooked teeth


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