Is my bite right for Invisalign?

April 02, 2018
Category: Invisalign
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Some of the questions we get about Invisalign are "will Invisalign improve my bite?" The answer to this is maybe. It depends on what sort of problems you have with how your teeth come together. Invisalign is great for improving how teeth are twisted or gaps in the teeth. If you are looking to pull your front teeth back in your mouth, this is going to be a little trickier to achieve.


First of all what makes up a bite? It is really how your back teeth come together. Ideally we want your teeth to be meeting in between each other. Like this 

Before Invisalign

So this shows the back teeth sitting in between each other and just some problems with the front teeth. This is the ideal case for Invisalign to treat. 

This next case is a little harder but still a great case with Invisalign.

Good Invisalign Bite





Teeth fit together like cogs on a wheelTeeth need to fit together like cogs on a wheel. 

How far can we go with overlapping front teeth? If the bite is good but there is significant crowding at the front,  we still have a great opportunity to use Invisalign.  

However, a lot of overlapping of the teeth requires quite a bit of work to straighten.  ===> like this case below!


Before Cheap invisalign Before and After cheap Invisalign
Before Cheap Invisalign After Invisalign
Cheap Invisalign in Adelaide Teeth Biting after Invisalign
Upper teeth before cheap Invisalign Upper teeth after Invisalign
Crowded lower teeth before Invisalign Lower teeth after Invisalign


As you can see, the front teeth are quite crowded but look terrific once they have been straightened using Invisalign. If your back teeth are fitting well together, then it is going to make it so much easier to straighten the important front teeth






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