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Dentist in Cumberland Park, SA

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our training, professional credentials, and work experience.

  • Dr. Jack Gaffey
    BDS, BScDent, (Hons)
    Dentist in Cumberland Park, SA

    Cumberland Dental

    Dr. Jack graduated in 2000 from Adelaide University with a dental degree and an honors research degree. He worked in Echuca, Victoria in 2001, and established a solo dental practice in Ulladulla NSW in 2002. During this time, Dr. Jack expanded his knowledge through a variety of courses that led him to the US to study dental lasers. He sold his NSW practice and returned to Adelaide in 2005, entering into a partnership with Dr. Angela at Cumberland Dental.

    He was the President of the Australian Dental Association (South Australia) serving on the Dental Practice Committee for 2 years and was elected Vice President in 2011. His role involved considerable meetings with different government agencies, ministers and university officials in addition to the usual media interviews.

    In his spare time Jack trains for triathlons, competing locally in Adelaide and completing the 70.3 triathlon (1.9k swim, 90k bike, 21k run) in Geelong 2010. Dr. Jack has graduated from the prestigious Australian Graduate School of Management in 2011 with an MBA. He spends a lot more time now chasing his 3 daughters around the soccer fields and swimming pools.

    Jack maintains a busy continuing education program, including traveling to the US to study the fantastic 6 Month Smiles program in 2011 and 2012. He has completed 101 hours last year, the current requirements are 60 hours over 3 years.

    Here is a list of his continuing education in 2011-12.

    • 22-23/6/2012. Advanced Level Reunion (Boston MA). 6 Month Smiles. 15.5 Hours.
    • 19/6/2012. Sudden Impact. Are Mini Implants for you. David Roessler. Dental Ed 2 Hours
    • 16-17/6/2012. Rapid Smiles (Sydney).Advanced certification. 15 Hours.
    • 28/5/2012. Day 3 Invisalign. SCDL. 4 Hours.
    • 19-20/4/2012 Invisalign Day1+2. SCDL 15 Hours
    • 24/3/2012. Superior Composites (Melbourne). Buddy Mopper. Power2B. 7 Hours.
    • 11-12/3/2012. Rapid Smiles (Sydney) Initial Training. 15 Hours.
    • 5/3/2012 Maximising Success of Anterior and Posterior Restorations. Marc Geissberger. Kerr. 7 hours.
    • 24/2/2012. Changing our Paradigm. (Anterior Esthetic Composite Restorations). Sarkis Nalbandian. Gunz. 7 Hours.
    • 7/12/2011. Functional Occlusion. The Three Ps. John Kois. Dental Ed. 2.5 Hours
    • 25/10/2011. Lecture on Endodontic Microbiology. Mark Stenhouse. 1 hour. EndoSoc SA.
    • 25/9/2011. The Gordon Christensen Bottom Line. Gordon Christensen(Melbourne) Power 2B. 7.5 Hours.
    • 21/9/2011. Anterior and Posterior Aesthetic Direct and Indirect Restorations. Jean Francois Roulet. CPDent Adelaide. 3 hours.
    • 19/8/2011. Lecture on Endodontics with Paul Abbott. EndoSoc SA. 7 Hours
    • 21/6/2011. Resin Infiltration- Icon Dental Ed. 1.5 Hours
    • 21/6/2011. Dilemmas in Endodontic case Selection. Paul Abbott. Dental Ed. 1 hour.
  • Dr. Angela Gaffey

    Dr. Angela graduated in 1994 from Adelaide University as one of the youngest graduates ever. She worked at the Adelaide Dental Hospital, South Australia Dental Service and privately for Dr. Gow in Richmond prior to her partnership at Cumberland Dental in 1999. Dr. Angela prides herself on continuing education, recently traveling to Melbourne for the esteemed Dr. Gordon Christensen. Dr. Angela has a warm and vibrant personality that is refreshing in a dental setting, making your visit a pleasant experience. 

    Dr. Angela has completed several restoring implant programs. Dr. Angela has focussed her recent training on Porcelain Veneers with interstate lecturers such as Dr. Michael Mandikos. She has a keen interest in fixing the gaps in your smile to make your smile look 18 again. Her attention to detail makes her a fantastic consultant who can makeover your smile with amazingly strong porcelain. Angela prides herself on making the whole process seamless from start to finish.