Intra Oral Camera


Advances in modern video camera equipment have allowed dental manufacturers to develop very small video cameras for use in the dental office. With a camera about the size of a pen, we can film your mouth and present it as an image on a monitor that is magnified 10-40 times its natural size.

This intraoral technology allows you to see exactly what we see and is a tremendous aid in diagnosis and patient education. The intraoral camera allows us to see things that may not appear with a traditional x-ray and can help us detect minor problems before they become more significant. The intraoral camera is also very effective at helping you "see" how you are doing with home hygiene care, which often results in more effective brushing and flossing.

Intra Oral Camera photo of the lower teeth as seen from inside the mouth. You can see staining of the teeth (blue arrow) where they meet the gums, and the plaque buildup between the teeth (green arrow). Intraoral cameras help us show you what the problems are in your mouth rather than just describing them.