While many people these days, especially adults, are turning to our dentists here at Cumberland Dental for braces, we also know that there are still many people out there that want to correct their crooked smiles but are on the fence about getting braces. Smilefast offers a revolutionary new way to straighten your smile quickly and efficiently. If the idea of having to wear braces for a year or more has turned you off to treatment, Smilefast may be exactly what you’re looking for to finally get that straighter smile.

What is Smilefast?

This system blends the latest in 3D computer technology with traditional orthodontics to give you a more discreet and faster way to get the results you want. Smilefast uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, so your braces are less visible when you talk and smile. This treatment option offers results in about 6-9 months and is a great option for someone dealing with crowding and spacing issues.

Thanks to advanced computer technology, we can even show you during your evaluation what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment so you can decide if this is the right system for you. Smilefast is ideal for adults who are looking to fix:

  • Crookedness
  • Crowding
  • Protruding teeth
  • Malocclusions (e.g. underbites; overbites)
  • Gaps between teeth

We understand that not every patient that walks through our doors is an ideal candidate for clear, removable aligners. Smilefast offers these patients an incredible and less visible solution that still provides them with amazing and efficient results that they can get with traditional braces but with tooth-colored and clear materials. Instead of wearing traditional braces for years, this system can give you results in a matter of months.

While this is not considered a replacement for traditional braces, Smilefast does offer adults an alternative solution to straightening their front teeth to improve the health and appearance of their smiles. If you’ve been told that you’re not an ideal candidate for Invisalign or other clear aligners systems, don’t assume that there aren’t other options out there for you. Smilefast might be right for you.

If you are interested in learning more about Smilefast orthodontics, call Cumberland Dental in the Cumberland Park area of Adelaide at (08) 8271 6233 today!